RepuX Platform "Making it Easy"

Why and What RepuX can offer?

 Repux is a decentralized knowledge and functions protocol really useful for small and  medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The RepuX protocol will soon be launched to  developers for integrating into new applications. RepuX is a decentralized,  ethereum-backed platform for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that rewards  customers for sharing data through a decentralized network. A marketplace like  Repux allows hundreds of thousands of SMEs to have a combating likelihood  against the likes of Amazon, Google and Microsoft. RepuX, an Ethereum-backed  platform for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to earn rewards from sharing  knowledge, went live at present. Repux is a platform which has various kinds of  company and user information which might be monetized and exchanged between  totally different events. RepuX is a platform the place varied sorts of  corporate and consumer knowledge may be monetized and exchanged between  completely different events. The platform relies on a number of blockchain  applied sciences, together with IPFS, Sia, and Ethereum/EOS. This direct and  fast transfer of value via REPUXtokens will create worth for knowledge creators,  including people, eliminating the need for intermediaries and middlemen in  certain industries. Industries that stand to benefit from the RepuX-enabled  system of knowledge trade and rewards embrace ecommerce, healthcare, accounting,  micro lending, and promoting, amongst others. Industries that stand to benefit  from the RepuX-enabled system of information trade and rewards include  e-commerce, healthcare, accounting, micro lending, and promoting, amongst  others.

How and who will benefit from RepuX?

Builders can create the RepuX protocol and use the data transferred by the  collectors to produce services that can then be transferred to end customers in  numerous industries as a substitute of RepuX tokens. Users would possibly  voluntarily download a software program that collects nameless information about  their habits, for example, and then earn money by promoting that data through  the RepuX protocol. We anticipate that knowledge monetization can be a serious  source of revenue for people and entities in the future. In total there will  probably be 500,000,000 tokens created, with 250,000,000 of those out there in  the pre and most important sale. There’s a total provide of a hundred,000,000  REPUX tokens. Howdy Repux community, this new dipostingan I'll introduce  concerning the undertaking Repux. Our vision is to create a protocol that  facilitates monetization of information by environment friendly handover between  the collector, developer and user, which will even help assess the reliability  and repute of the information over time .


An API will enable marketplaces to be developed by third celebration  developers to fill their particular area of interest. These parties can create  the market which matches their specific area of interest. RepuX desires to  create a market the place these parties can interact with one another. The RepuX  protocol can be used to construct a repute for a person over time. At the top  and creating worth and transferring knowledge directly between peers utilizing  protocols, Repu X offers the flexibility to share the creation of data for  individual and business users and aggregated knowledge, which aren't on the  market immediately. Data would like to meet clever algorithms for romantic  interactions on the blockchain. Information is the gasoline powering today’s  digital economic system, yet many enterprises don’t know how one can leverage  data to develop their companies. The Smithsonian may license the information to  particular person firms focusing on museums. 

Final verdict "Goal of RepuX"

                            Giant amounts of data being generated by firms go unused, builders want that  data to train machine learning algorithms. Developers, in the meantime, lack the  data they should develop machine learning solutions. In short, our primary aim  is to build a safe and dependable knowledge switch protocol that may be  integrated with different applications developed by third parties for use by a  number of different industries. Briefly, our important goal is to build a safe  and reliable information switch protocol that can be integrated with a variety  of various functions developed by third parties to be used by a number of  various industries. Repux makes use of an API which allows marketplaces which  may be created by third parties. Repux will permit the creation of a highly  decentralized marketplace for knowledge and data. The pre-sale started on the  17th of November and can proceed until the 23rd of January 2018. On sale might  be RepuX’s tokens that allow commerce of data and decentralized applications  between firms and developers.

Information about the current Initial Coin Offering. Is it worth it?

During REPUX Token Sale can be purchased with ETH, BTC or Wire Transfer  rewards, with a minimum contribution of 100 USD (or equal to a hundred USD in  BTC or ETH). USD for the token sale. WorkHQ is a China-based cloud stock  administration software that enables SMEs to handle their gross sales orders and  purchase orders in real time offline and on-line throughout Amazon, Tmall,  Taobao and JD . WorkHQ eliminates the need to be used of Excel spreadsheet for  stock management and will increase enterprise effectivity. Key members of the  staff include Marcin Welner (Administration Group), Aleksandra Staszewska  (Product Workforce), and Tomasz Tybon (Administration Staff). A drug maker might  use RepuX to conduct market research earlier than promoting a drug. The RepuX  whitepaper provides an instance of the Smithsonian museum, which has a big  database of archival supplies collected over decades. This is concentrating AI  development within the hands of an elite few - including firms with access to  huge datasets.

Token Sale ends in 9th of March 2018
Starting date : 6th of February 2018 / 5pm UTC
Ending date : 9th Mar 2018 / 5pm UTC
Hard cap : 33,100,000 USD
Soft cap : 1,000,000 USD